PS5: the Final Fantasy competitor is at its best price!

News good plan PS5: the Final Fantasy competitor is at its best price!

On PS5, there are many titles, but if there is one series that reigns supreme in the field of role-playing games, RPGs, it is Final Fantasy. But over time, competitors have come to overshadow this series, and the competitor of the day can also boast of being on promotion!

At Amazon, the promotions continue to rain during this beautiful summer of 2022. And currently, this benefits a title that marked the PlayStation 5, Tales of Arise. The latter, instead of being offered at 45€, happily falls below 35€! A more than reasonable price for an RPG that will rock your sweet summer evenings.

Buy Tales of Arise for 34€ on Amazon

PS5: the Final Fantasy competitor is at its best price!

Tales of Arise: the PS5 RPG that made history

In the world of role-playing games, the RPG, there are series that have managed to write their name in stone. Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, God of War and many others have risen to the Hall of Fame of video games.

And there are others who are rising and who are gently tickling the titles that have carved out the lion’s share. The Tales of series is one of them, and the gradual rise in range of the series has allowed it to come out of its crucible where it was mainly acclaimed by fans.

The latest title, Tales of Arise, has achieved a tour de force by offering both a complete scenario, a breathtaking adventure and dynamic fights.

In the genre, we can easily compare it to a Final Fantasy 7 Remake which has mechanics that we can find similar. And if you’re a fan of RPGs and want to get your head out of Chocobos, Gils and other Ultima spells, Tales of Arise is for you!

Buy Tales of Arise for 34€ on Amazon

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Tales of Arise brilliantly succeeds in breathing new life into the Tales of saga. With its successful universe and characters, the title delivers a striking adventure that benefits from superb environments thanks to a unique graphic rendering. The fights are not left out either since they show great intensity for ever more spectacle, sometimes even making the action confusing. If we can blame him for his clipping, his talkative side, or his redundant bestiary, we still salute his many qualities which bode well for the future of the series.

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